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Arkivet (the Archive) is a podcast about underground music from the 60s and 70s - focusing on psychedelia, progressive and folk.

Dec 27, 2017

For this episode we’ve put together a selection of lesser-known or possibly unknown (?) records. It’s a strange mix of strange music with all possible genres, including real people, lounge-psych, dreamy psych-pop, breezy soft-rock, folk and hard rock.

Dr. Fuzz (Flippist, 1977)
-I’ll Be There at the End of the World
Randy DeMoss and the Space City Group (Planet Records, ?)
-An Angel Blessed
Luellen Reese-s/t (Musican’s Co-op International, 1981)
-Silvery Waterfall
Duke (Joy Records, 1975)
-Runaway Girl
Charlie Bleak (Main One Records, 1973)
-Never You Mind
The Weirz-s/t (Parallel Records and Tapes, 1979)
-Hard Luck Story