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Arkivet (the Archive) is a podcast about underground music from the 60s and 70s - focusing on psychedelia, progressive and folk.

Aug 7, 2022

A new mix of acoustic and lysergic folk music.


Thomas Mera Gartz - En Lycklig Sång Poor Richard - The Gulls Amory Kane - Four Ravens (single version) Yellow Autumn - Energy Spilld Mjölk - Glasverandan Glenn Saiger - Dark Side of the Moon Art Gee - Tea Gardens All That the Name Implies - Black Tuesday Chris Rawlings - Song of Creation Rabindra Danks - Lords Sweet Name Logos - Peace Chas Rose - Ballad For World Heroes Moonstone - Black Blind Light Vandy - Wishing Well Owen B - All We Are Asking Turid - Före Kenora Lachlan Chace McLearn - Lady Come Lightly Sonstar - Save Wild Basin